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Hi, I'm Teri and I’m a weight loss registered dietitian (nutritionist).


Do you want to lose weight and improve your health and wellness? Do you live in Alberta? If yes, I would love to help you!

Teri Funk, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We can discuss general healthy eating, intermittent fasting, or any diet such as Mediterranean, ketogenic (keto), anti-inflammatory, vegetarian, low sodium (e.g. DASH), and elimination (e.g. low FODMAP) diets.

I can help to prevent or treat most types of health conditions and symptoms, such as issues about:

  • gut health, hormones (e.g. PCOS or type 2 diabetes), picky eating, mental health (e.g. anxiety, addictions, or eating disorders), and the immune system (e.g. allergies or autoimmune diseases)

  • bones, cancer, fatigue, fertility, infections, inflammation (e.g. arthritis), injuries, kidneys, lungs, migraines, and pain

  • the blood, heart, liver, mouth, nervous system, pancreas, skin, and thyroid.

I can do various tasks with you or sometimes by myself during sessions, such as:

  • List possible ways to reach your goals

  • Help you to meet your nutrition needs

  • Create meal plans, basic exercise plans, and resources

  • Teach you about food (e.g. cooking)

  • Help you to save money and time, like when grocery shopping

  • Explain ways to reduce stress and improve sleep


I’m certified in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), so I can help you to understand thoughts (e.g. negative self-talk), feelings (e.g. guilt), and behaviors/habits and change them as needed.

You can make changes at a pace that works well for you.

We can include your favorite foods if possible!

I can typically help additional people (e.g. your family).


If you want to try a certain method (e.g. carnivore diet), it can be safer for me to help you with it than for you to do it by yourself.


I do not cover type 1 diabetes, insulin injections, and tube or IV feeding.

Feel free to email me at if you have questions about my services.


Interested? Please click HERE to book a video/phone call with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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