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Here's a view of 

my office.

Teri Funk, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Here's a view of my office.

I achieved a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition with distinction from the University of Alberta. I then underwent dietitian training in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

I love working in my private practice! It's been a good two years of work so far.

My counselling style:

  • I’m caring, patient, understanding, and encouraging. I’m also creative, detail oriented, and organized.

  • I tend to say that it’s usually okay to eat any type of food. As needed, we could adjust certain aspects, like food amounts or ingredients.

  • I welcome all people, including children/teens and LGBTQ+ people.

  • I can provide accommodations if possible. For example, if you prefer to not discuss certain topics or try certain methods, then we can do other activities.


My knowledge and skills:

  • I developed diverse knowledge and skills about food, like through my seven years as a food service aide at a seniors' lodge.

  • I have excellent computer and problem-solving skills.

  • I'm trauma informed.

Other details:

I have always lived in Edmonton, except during my training. 

I sometimes did cooking at community kitchens.

I love trying foods that I haven't tried before!

I like doing a variety of physical activities, including hiking and jogging.

It's peaceful being around nature.

I’m familiar with various lifestyles, including those in cities, small towns, and farms.

I enjoy spending time with kids.


My cousins and I were entertaining the nearby horses.

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