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Getting Started

When you book your first video/phone call with me, the Practice Better (PB) website will email you.


If you want to use PB, click on "Activate" in the email to create a free PB account. You can use PB on a computer, tablet, or phone.

How to use PB? – Click on the links below.

  • If you use a tablet/phone, install the free app:



Here's an example of what PB video calls look like. 

Practice Better video call (telehealth) - Teri Funk, Registered Dietitian - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada & virtual

Your PB account (Client Portal) sections:

  • Bookings:  In the top left area, click on “Upcoming” to see your future session(s) or “Recent” to see your past session(s).

  • Packages:  It shows any packages you bought.

  • Invoices & Billing:  Click on “Invoices” to see invoices/receipts for each session, “Payment Plans” to see any installment plans you have, or “Billing Information” to add/edit your credit card information.

  • Session Notes:  It shows any sessions notes that I share with you.

  • Forms:  It shows any forms that I share with you.

  • DocumentsIt allows us to share files with each other.

  • Chat (       ):  It’s where we can type messages to each other.

  • Optional sections to use:

    • Journals:  It allows you to record your daily food and water intake, activities, measurements, mood, bowel movements, sleep, and other notes.

    • Tasks:  If I ask you to do task(s), I may put them in “My Pending Tasks”. Once done, they will be in “My Completed Tasks”.

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